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California Glow Carnauba Soap, 32 OZ


Wash & Protect in One Step

Since its introduction in 2008, Clarity1 Produces has sold over 10,000 units of this amazing car wash shampoo. Loaded with carnauba wax, California Glow has a large and stable foam base and is safe on all washable surfaces.

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California Glow Carnauba Soap


Effective IMMEDIATELY, the original California Glow Carnauba Soap is now back and along with it, “DAT SHINE” is back too! Yes, we’ve incorporated all the recent changes such as extra carnauba content to make the best soap ever made, the original California Glow, even better! There is only ONE original California Glow soap and there’s only ONE place to get it. Add to Cart NOW to get your own!

Now onto your regularly scheduled programming….

First thing… You do not simply use California Glow – YOU EXPERIENCE IT!

Since its introduction in 2008, Clarity1 has sold over 10,000 units of this amazing car wash shampoo. Blended with carnauba wax, California Glow Carnauba Soap has a large and stable foam base and is safe on all washable surfaces. It will leave a noticeable shine on cars, trucks, RV’s boats and the kiddies red wagon as well. California Glow has a neutral pH so it’s gentle on paint yet is very effective at lifting dirt from the surface.

An important feature for all car wash soaps is the amount of lubrication they’re providing between the surface and wash medium, i.e. mitt, square, brush, etc. California Glow Soap is a very “slick” product that offers superior lubrication properties thereby greatly minimizing unsightly spider webbing on dark colored vehicles.

We have been very reluctant to make any changes to our number 1 selling soap of all time. BUT we did and the result is amazing. After months of testing, we’ve added 50% more carnauba wax to California Glow, which adds even more protection between waxes and enhances the gloss level too. As good as California Glow Soap was before, we believe it’s even BETTER today.

California Glow Soap has a very interesting color chemistry. Is it yellow or neon green? Pour it into the wash bucket and it is definitely yellow. Rinse the vehicle or spill a little on some concrete and it’s green. Not just any green – a neon “Glow” green. We call is “Grellow”. This obviously has nothing to do with the overall performance of this amazing product but it does add a little visual fun. California Glow Soap is not just our best car wash shampoo, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s quite possibly the best car wash shampoo – period!

Tip: Silicone, a popular ingredient in dressings is an anti sudsing agent. When washing your vehicle, try to avoid using the wash mitt or other medium on bumpers and trim that may contain dressing.


  • Size: 16 & 32 Ounces, 1 Gallon
  • Color: Neon Yellow
  • Scent: Juicy Fruit
  • Contains Wax: Yes
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 9 in


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