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MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound

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Clarity1’s MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound is a heavy duty buffing compound containing alumina silica microabrasives that will cut through heavy oxidation, scratches, water spots and other severe imperfections with ease.


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MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound

MC-1000-HD is designed to remove up to 1000 grit sanding marks, MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound works well on paint, clearcoat, fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces. Using a finer microabrasive MC-1000-HD generates minimal swirling when used with a rotary polisher and swirling is non-existant with any of the traditional orbitals. MC-1000-HD is designed for machine use; although it is effective on foggy headlights by hand.

MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound is also body shop safe. It does not contain any waxes, silicones or artificial fillers. If swirling does appear, a great second step is to follow with Clarity1’s Glacier Plus Buffing Glaze for a deep dark shine.

MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound works well with wool or foam pads. For 1000 grit sanding maks and heavy imperfections, a wool or heavy cut foam pad is ideal. For lighter imperfections, MC-1000-HD may be used with less aggressive pads and lower buffing speeds commensurate with the blemishes. For instance, in the event of medium oxidation, simply select a medium cutting pad and reduce buffer speed to generate less friction on the buffing surface. MC-1000-HD will quickly eliminate the imperfection and the chances of swirling are greatly reduced over a wool or heavy cut foam pad. This makes MC-1000-HD a very flexible product as it will cover a variety of conditions with a simple choice of pads and buffing speeds.

When used with an orbital such as the Porter Cable 7424, MC-1000-HD Heavy Compound will remove 2000 and finer sanding marks coupled with a heavier cut microfiber or foam pad. Contemporary Flex and Rupes polishers will achieve even deeper levels of correction.

Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 9 in

16 Ounce, 32 Ounce, Gallon


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