Tropic Shine Final Detailer

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5.00 out of 5


The most versatile final detailer on the planet is fortified with wax and leaves a “wet look” shine. Works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal.


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Tropic Shine Final Detailer

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The most versatile final detailer on the planet is fortified with wax and leaves a “wet look” shine. Works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. Safely removes dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water. Unlike cheap silicone based detail sprays, Tropic Shine is blended with surfactants and is even safe in body shop environments. Anti-static and anti-streak. Non-abrasive and non-silicone. Complies with VOC regulations.

cadpaintPainted Surfaces

Tropic Shine will leave a fantastic carnauba based shine on paint and clearcoat surfaces. Due to its non-silicone blend, it is non streaking and even on dark colors. Use it in the direct sun without worrying about residual product. It will simply wipe off. We highly recommend using one of our Super Plush Microfiber Towels with tropic shine due to their ability to absord moisture extremely well.

Windows and Mirrors

But don’t stop at the paint. Hit that glass with a mist of Tropic Shine and one of our Blue Zorber Microfiber Towels for a beautiful streak free finish. An ammonia free formula means it is safe on both factory and after market tinted windows.


Okay, so you’re getting to the end and Tropic Shine has has done an amazing job on the rest of the car so why not give it a shot on the chrome as well? Surprise! Can it get any easier? You’re really starting to love this product.


So now you’ve have one thing left do do… the wheels. Just grab a rag, mist and wipe. Tropic Shine will remove any remaining brake dust that might have been missed from the washing and deliver a great shine even on those factory wheels.

Tropic Shine can also be used on all the black trim on newer vehicles as shown in the picture to the right. It adds a nice bark and even finish. Next the interior!

Weight N/A
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 12 in

16 Ounce, 32 Ounce, Gallon

1 review for Tropic Shine Final Detailer

  1. Michael Abarca
    5 out of 5


    This stuff is absolutely awesome. Very good detail spray but I’ve found that it’s an even better window cleaner and is much easier to achieve glossy, slick, streak free windows. Also, this stuff can be used on anything in or out of the vehicle. Yes, this stuff works great for an interior maintenance spray much like Meguiar’s synthetic express wax. I also use this on appliances and glass inside the house. It’s much better than something like windex multi-surface etc. And at $25 a gallon it’s way cheaper too. Your fridge, microwave, oven, etc. will shine super bright and streak free! It’s this kind of performance and economy that really makes this one of the best, if not THE best detail spray that you can buy.

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